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Strong Viking 81


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Strong Viking '81 (US)

(year: summer 1981)



is a reinforced Platoon sceanrio with 1 Plt M60A3 (5 Tanks), 1 Scout Sec. (M113A2 + M981 FIST) , 1 Eng Sec. (M113 Eng +Miclic)

We are part of an attacking Inf Btn with M113A2 to the city SPRINGE (southern of HANNOVER -Germany)

The infanty is attacking through the forest along VIKING till to the aussault position MARS. From there on they will attack with 2 companies from north-west to SPRINGE. The C-Company is the reserve and will be used flexible ( attack along BULLFINCH , SPARROW or WOODPECKER)


Our (playable) reinforced tank platoon (DAGGER 1) has the task, to move along LEGION till BP 41, make the REDs believe, that the main attack comes from west through the corridor. By order we will attack along TWISTER and get into position BP 42.


The Echo-Trp (EARWIG 1), is the Scout Sec and has most of the triggers, has to manage the artilliery of the heavy howitzers and the entire mortars of the companies. (4x 3 tubes Mortar + 3x 4 tubes 155mm Howitzer)

Plus, he can call 2 AH-1Q COBRAS, he can send to any place he wants where they are needed.


It's a lot of radiotraffic in there with the Btn Commander HELLBENDER etc.

So, the EARWIG has alot of work to do.


An Engineer Sec. (FERRET 1) should help to clear an expected minefield western of SPRINGE. The mainroad to SPRINGE should be cleared of mines!


No time limit yet. The scenario ends when the OBJ has been taken or when we abort this scenario, bcs of to heavy loses and can't continuing our mission.


Playable: min. 5 players


RED: all scripted ( NVA / DDR - east germany)




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