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Whilst ive had the game for some time, ive recently got back into it and now i think im ready to venture online.

Im in the UK, when's the best time to meet other online tankers? Also, Ive downloaded and installed the Beta, do i need anything else for online play?

What form do online games take? Is it a co-op or head to head?

any tips would be most appreciated!

Hope to see some of you online in the future!

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Another Brit joining the community!

Welcome. SB Generals play against Pzbattalion every wednesdays. We also usually online around GMT friendly times. If you looking to play an online session, we doing a training co-op this monday @ 7pm GMT. Gives you a taste of online action.

You can also get more information on SB Generals games from our forums @ www.sbgenerals.net


General Billy

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Yeah same thing last time I checked!

Was wondering though, how much does latency effect multi games? I'm in Australia so playing on a Europ or America server would give my a rather high ping.

Just come on the day and find out. Anything above 450 may be a problem and you might experience some lag.

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