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KANIUM Sunday 14th of March - CG7 Island Liberation by ChrisReb

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B14 please.  My crew had to sent B24 back to the states for all the damage it received.  But we sure dished it out to the enemy!  AND NO CASUALTIES!  


Shall I go through the trouble of naming my crew and dismounts?  



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11 hours ago, RedWardancer said:

Tough mission.  Enemies were everywhere in all directions on this one. Would have been easier at night with our superior night optics.  Guess we had to give OPFOR a chance right? 


A chance ... ? 😄

You were up against T-62´s and a limited number of older T-72s.


You do not always have the option of attacking at night.

And you hit the OPFOR hard as it should be. OPFOR in these game are NOT there to win. At all.
Its much more a trainer role.

But it can much more difficult ... 😉


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