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How do you order a gunner to keep still?

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3 hours ago, Bloke said:

Interesting replies, many thanks.


I was basically wondering if a TC on an M1A2 had something like a pair of goggles connected to the tank's electronics, so that an override would point the barrel exactly where the TC is looking. Maybe that's something for future generations of tanks - the technology is certainly there. Or maybe the idea of sticking your head outside of a tank is outdated given the amount of data from all the sensors. Then again, maybe the entire concept of having any humans inside the tank at all won't last long...

No with the FLEX 50 in front,  The commander can use Bino's as well as see over the Weapon assembly. With the CROWS system in front of the Commander you really don't need Binos as the Commander can just use its optics to scan with. The CROWS does not override the Turret either even though its integrated into the CDU. The CITV's can override the Turret Gun LOS as it's part of the integrated FCS.

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On 4/2/2021 at 2:54 PM, TSe419E said:

In my experience as an M60A1 gunner laying the gun on target while the TC has his head outside the hatch is an acquired skill.  I remember seeing most TCs practicing at least a little when in the field and a lot when on the range.  I had a couple of TCs the were good and a couple of TCs that were excellent.

This was a requirement for Tank Commander School both 60,s and Abrams.

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The flexibility of the TC override in the Abrams is enough to make me switch from the Leopard 2, whether or not it reflects a real-world difference. I'm still learning the game though, and I'm sure I will find a reason to switch back. 🙂


All I want now is for the override to toggle...

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