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Bug: FISTV and M1064 tracks

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Yeah, it's an ancient model and overdue for a facelift, and there are so many "more important" things to deal with ... but ... just in case no one has mentioned this, the FISTV track texture is miss-mapped. 


It uses the same texture file as the Bradley (M2A2track), which doesn't fit, as seen in the attached view.


It seems to this novice that it would be an easy fix, since there is in the textures/woodland folder an old file of similar vintage (m113track.dds) that does fit the model. (I tried it). But this is not really a user moddable thing since altering the M2A2track texture so it works on the FISTV porks the Bradley track.


(The same issue is present on the equally outdated M1064, which also carries the miss-mapped texture on its glacis.)

Of course, if an upgrade of those two vehicles is imminent ... never mind.  😉



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I created this bug when I made the M270 MLRS.  It used the same tracks as the Bradley, so I updated that texture in the library, that way the Bradley got "improved" tracks as well as the M270.  Did not realize it was used on these models as well.   Of course they shouldn't be used on these models, but the old texture was of a resolution that, well you could not tell.  Sorta "generic" at that res.


Anyway..  I may get to these two models this year.   They have been in the schedule for a while now, but keep getting bumped for more important and pressing military contract work.  I should be able to get to them though, figures crossed.    

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