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What's happening Here?


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Nope, definitely WP. Possibly I-SMK (in the US, it's called M825), which is filled with WP-impregnated felt wedges that make it burn slower and more uniformly, so it provides a longer, thicker smoke screen.

As to the bit that goes flying off at a wierd angle, it is either: a) an irregular-shaped fragment of the casing or WP filling that, due to spin and aerodynamic forces, curves off (spinning ricochets do wierd things sometime), or b) it was a base-bleed or RAP shell type, and the base bleed booster continued to propel the endcap of the shell off after detonation. But that's pretty unlikely, much more likely that it's just a fragment that goes off in a wild direction due to aerodynamic forces.

... and for the life of me, I can't find a video online ANYWHERE that shows a decent WP airburst OTHER than that video. But I've seen them plenty of times in training at Ft Sill, you'll have to trust me on this one.

... I COULD find lots of posts by ill-informed bleeding heart hippies about the "evil americans" using "chemical weapons", though. ...Most laughable thing ever. WP is not, and never has been, a chemical weapon. That's like saying MLRS rockets are chemical weapons just because their exhaust is mildly toxic. What's funnier is that these people are blindly arguing that it's a 'chemical weapon' without knowing WHY there's the debate over it: WP, when it burns, produces a small amount of phosphorus pentoxide. But WP produces it at densities WAY too low to be effective in any way as a weapon, and oh by the way, the actual physiological effect of it is that the body accepts it in lieu of oxygen, and can potentially suffocate by preventing oxygen absorbtion- EXACTLY like carbon monoxide. (I also like how they point to toxicoligy reports regarding phosphorus indicating that when ingested, it is fairly toxic... but they ignore the part where it states that the smoke produced from burning is very low toxicity. And considering that the WP burns as soon as it hits air, the only toxicity of any import is that of the smoke!)

...I guess that means every vehicle using an internal combustion engine is ALSO a chemical weapon, then?

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... I COULD find lots of posts by ill-informed bleeding heart hippies about the "evil americans" using "chemical weapons", though.

Facts are meaningless. They can be used to prove anything.

On the interweb, all you need is an opinion and moral superiority. :debile2:

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