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Performance (FPS)


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Sorry guys,


but once again a question about the game-performance:


I recently upgrade my whole system to:

5950 (16 cores, 5.1 Ghz)

3090 (lil bit overclocked)

32GB RAM (cl14, 3600)


I mean, its not the weakest system. But my fps didnt go up. In fact they are lower than before (i7, 2080TI).


I guess its an engine thing, right?


( i`m getting round about 28 fps on a 34`` flat)

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It may specifically be a certain bug thing, to be fixed with the next update.

But that's hard to say without knowing about which scene we're talking, and what your system settings are. But it's well possible that the 2080 was not the bottleneck before, so that upgrading to a 3090 doesn't make anything faster (e.g. if the scenario is CPU limited).

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After installing 2.59 i had a huge performance increase. Now can max out my settings on larger scenarios and getting quite good fps >40

I dunno if it has something to do with the SB-Update (maybe it has to do with some WIN10 Updates) but: Thank you! 🙂


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