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Ariete can launch UAV from the 120mm gun


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I suspect it occupies a space normally held by a round though.


Also presumable somewhere in the vehicle is the UAS's controller / data link?


If all that is in a different vehicle then that C2 vehicle might as well launch it. Given the range presumably the launcher can be in dead ground, doesn't need to be under armour, etc.?


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On 4/3/2021 at 9:44 AM, stormrider_sp said:

Loitering munitions come to mind.

 Loading it with HEAT or ICM capable of taking out an armoured vehicle, would mean it wouldn't have much of a loiter time. maybe at most 3-10 minutes before batteries run too low. 

it'd probably be better paired up with artillery or mortars for precision guidance of artillery fire. 

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