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KANIUM Sunday 18apr21 "Wacht am Rhein" (mission 2 of 4)


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1 hour ago, Lumituisku said:


Most from team saber are total rookies that were trying to lure to game. Saber is extremely mixed bag of total newcomers who may not truly be even that interested of Steelbeast. And of rare few old veterans, and  then of some who like SB and have played occasionally over the years but are rusty.  Either way. That said. Only rare few from Team Saber are comfortable with big missions like this.


Anyways, i seem to have pushed my guys bit hard out of their true way. 


Ghostboat isn't coming today. He seems very dutiful and having hard time to say No to me and my wish for him to come. But he managed to clear out his throat. 


on today's game Team Saber has just veterans playing. 


They do not need to worry:

Whatever mistake they might or might not make, everybody else have made it at least twice.


We pride ourselves on always helping new players into the game. And that means accepting that not everything is perfect:

We play to have fun ūüėĀ



The only thing we are kinda-almost strict on is that people try to give us a heads-up if they cant make it, so we can adjust.
And that people try to carry out the orders they are given when in-game. Alternatively that they step up for command.

But we are ALWAYS there to help, coach and assist new players.

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1 hour ago, Hedgehog said:

Why is everyone so scared?


I don't think he is scared. There's something else, I think he needs some own time outside gaming, I spend pretty much most of week with my friends trying to find what caused the HE / Frag related  false kill bug. So he may be bit exhausted from that too.


That btw... may be relevant to our mission too, I suppose Marders have HE rounds. So don't use those to vehicles as those won't do anything at all as client.¬† ¬†As host those likely would disable even tank¬†systems.¬†¬† ¬† And yes..¬† I just tested this.¬† This bug affects Marders, so marder users do not bother to use HE agaisn't vehicles, it doesn't do anything else but radio damage currently unless you are host of the session.¬† ¬†As a host you can kill helos / IFVS with HE but not as client.¬† ¬† ¬† HE works just fine agaisn't infantry though.¬† ¬† Tank HEAT¬†¬†and HESH rounds work without problem.¬† O.o¬† I just realized...¬† ¬†Russian vehicles have HE-T / Frag rounds xP¬† ¬† ¬† too bad for opfor¬† ¬†ūüėú ¬†Should probably work just fine in AI use though.¬† ;)¬† ¬† (tested and confirmed AI is just as deadly with HET / HE frag as ever)


As for most others players in Team Saber.  Well they just aren't used to big missions, and big responsibilities.  Most newcomers are from MMO, or FPS games, where they don't have definitive role in a team.  Hence they prefer being gunners or drivers.  That honestly is fine to me as I love multicrew.  From time to time we try missions where they have their own vehicle, but...  it has proven to be overhelming for most rookies.  Remember that you guys have years of experience, and it doesn't feel any different to you than playing MMO games.  But to them, it does especially with slightly different control layout, and each vehicle having its own little quirks and properties.  New players also lack experience to look at map because theyre used to minimap with dots  not strange symbols that don't make sense to them. Or to read controurlines.  And top of that.. to keep track of what others are doing both visually .. and following all the radio messages.  I admid that later one get's occasionally overhelming for me too.   I just don't have good enough filter in my head for all the traffict going trough  xP   


But I am coming, and Commissar Martin, and Renders. :)¬† ¬† ¬†and we are veterans¬† ¬†ūü홬†


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We are flexible and always have room for complete newbies.

We can put them as gunners with experienced guys, which is a soft way for people to learn without too much stress. And we let THEM choose when they are ready for more.


And if they have the time, then we can do intro scenarios with them too and talk them throughs comms etc.

ALSO ... they can always join as observers OR watch the twitch or yourtube videos of the missions we have played.

We can also adopt most scenarios to larger groups, including putting in a relevant PLT for them.

In short: the more people we play, the more fun it is for all.

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