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Converting an old SB1-scenario with legacy AA-CROMPTONRI.ter & CROMPTONRI.raw.


I did find on my computer CROMPTONRI.raw


(search full PC + see screenshot 2)


So I skipped option 1: locate the map & convert it into a map package

Instead I went for the 2nd option: extract the map.


The Map Extraction Wizard however mentions: "AA-CROMPTONRI.ter. Embedded terrain map exists !"

Map Extraction Wizard also strongly recommends the original TER

(see screenshot 3)



-> What am I missing ?

-> Should I proceed with the extraction ?




NB sry if I missed something in Volcano's FAQ: Want to update your MAP to work with 4.1? Read this - Support - Steelbeasts.com











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You could create a copy of the file and rename it to CROMPTONRI.HGT

.raw was the map data format for both .ter and .hgt format, which is why we later gave them different file extensions to avoid the very confusion that you experience right now. Internally they were still .raw, though, at least for a while. I don't know if the .raw file that you have it a tile map or an elevation map internally, so no guarantees that it'll work. But this is what I would try.

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A simple way of doing this is to rename that .raw file to .hgt. Put it in the heightmaps folder and .ter in the terrains folder. In game, go to map editor, choose open default map, then File> Map package from ter and locate the .ter file to convert.

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IF the .raw file actually is an elevation map. Could also be a SB1 tile map (less likely but not impossible). Now, tile maps are much smaller than elevation maps, but with just a single file comparisons are hard ... except with the .ter map that already exists.

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Posted (edited)

I proceded with the 2nd option and simply extracted the map.


=> That works !


Now I have:

* a Package with a TER and LNT file (both called "AA-CROMPTONRI")

* a HGT file (called CROMPTONRI)


Doesn't matter that I'm a bit confused - maps are complex.


THX for your help !

Edited by Koen
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The topic is complex. I wouldn't expect you to understand all the finer points right away after an extended hiatus from Steel Beasting. That being said, please take the time and study the relevant sections in the user's manual (Map Editor chapter) so we have a common basis to discuss emerging questions.

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So, I updated this older scenario from pre-2006 (!) to SB Pro PE 4.259.


Incredible that such an old scenario still works well in today's SB !


And IMHO it's still an exciting scenario !

Not thx to me - but simply bcs it's based on the book of John Antal: "Armor Attacks - The Tank Platoon" !!


Uploaded now (pending approval of a moderator)


Last question pls:

In the Zipfile of the scenario I also added the MAPS:

a) package "AA-CROMPTONRI": this package a TER file (actually twice & identical, strangely enough) and an LNT file and a MRF file.

b) the "CROMPTONRI" HGT file

(3,5 mb all in all ..)


-> Will this be sufficient for the "students" 😉 to play this scenario ?

-> Or do I have to upload the maps also separately from the scenario ?

-> Or should I even use the Steel Beasts Map Package Transfer Tools ?


Thx !


Memo to myself:

Want to update your MAP to work with 4.1? Read this - Support - Steelbeasts.com

New at uploading maps and completely lost. - Support - Steelbeasts.com


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The HGT file is not needed after conversion.

The map package would ideally be uploaded to our eSim Games map server. eSim staff will do this for you.

So in the end the download might only be the scenario file itself, and if you then want to run it it will identify and pull the right map package from the eSim Games map server ... provided that you gave installed the map package transfer manager and provided that your computer is connected to the interwebs.

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On 4/12/2021 at 7:12 AM, Koen said:

Maps: I get a bit lost with them these days 😉

Seriously, thx for the help,

I’m learning ...

hi Koen


I have downloaded the scenario but it can't find the map - is there an ID for it or something? I find the map system quite confusing, I must say.

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