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Piranha skinning and templates

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Few questions regarding Piranha skins. First is there a photoshop template for the Piranha V/IIIC or PiranhaFUS?  Another would be how these models work. Is the PiranhaFus texture using the Piranha V model?  it looks like the FUS texture is just body changes and i'm assuming from the Piranha V model?  Thanks. 

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The Piranha FUS is based on the DF-30/IIIC hull texture, with another (PiranhaFUS.dds) parts texture. 


For the Piranha V, it has own set of textures that cover the base vehicle, along with textures for the variants:



3.PiranhaVmedic(Has dozer blade parts of engineer/mechanic as well)

4.PiranhaVcp(map boards)


Because of the fact that the P5 is covered in barracuda, and that some of the hull geometry is designed for barracuda, it limits what you could do with custom textures.   You can do them, but it would limited to color changes, or simple changes.  I do not think you could, for example, make a skin for it without barracuda.   Or at least it would be very difficult. 


I will upload all these templates today, so you can look at them and decide.  

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Fantastic thanks RogueSnake79! im going to work on a ROCA CM-32/37 (Cloud Leopard) stand in family in that distinctive block camo scheme. So would it be possible to have a template for the DF-30 also?  The PV is an interesting challenge see what i can do. Thanks much appreciate it.   


cm-32 20mm.jpeg

cm-37 msg black bear.jpeg

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