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Designate Target while unbuttoned


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I'm new to the game and am really enjoying it so far. However theres one thing I'm wondering, is it possible to designate a target to my gunner while I'm unbuttoned? Most of the time when trying to find targets I'm looking from outside with my binoculars because it just gives me the best situational awareness, however if I spot a tank the procedure to engage it is really time consuming, in my case (leo 2a5/6) I need to go down, select the TIM search there for the target I found, designate it with ARROW UP wait for the identify from my gunner, press the middle mouse button and then space bar to let him fire. This does work but it really takes ages where I could get shot too, so is it possible to get my gunner in the direction of the target so he fires or do I have to do the above procedure? Or maybe my procedure is wrong could also be the case xD 


Greetings Spuky

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Quick way to do it...  is to press "E"     =  image.png.7f738a71f55dcfc960a49c5340266610.png


That makes your tank to face towards direction you are looking with binoculars, assume hulldown position if possible, and tells gunner to scan area in front.   


Ofcource that doesn't actually designate...   and AI gunner may not find target you spotted..   but gives a good change that he does.  Especially if it is clear target.


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I'll normally use Shift + the left or right arrow to order the gunner to traverse left or right, respectively. Holding down shift and right clicking on the observed target prior to this simulates you reporting the target as a contact, meaning that it will appear on the map, AND the AI will "know" that it is there and be more likely to see it during scanning. 

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5 minutes ago, 12Alfa said:

Also, you can order your gunner to Traverse to the left/right (fast), then as the gun/tube approaches the target area, order the gunner to "Steady" (slow) till the barrel/tube is aligned in azimuth to said target, then order On.


He should respond by saying Target, and you may respond with  Fire.


If he says not seen, order to Fire, and adjust on the rounds impact, either left/right, or, add/drop as required.

This is just one drill, there is other drills, you and your gunner can practice to see what works for you.


if using a AI gunner , just move the barrel in the direction (shift right/left arrow) and the gunner will engage if the AI see's the target as noted by others.

Last resort: take over the gunners controls and engage yourself.




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Aside from the tips and workarounds as described above, No.

The Leopardo 2E has a nifty feature where if you are in the vision block view and you spot a target, you can pull a cord that is mounted above the vision blocks which senses the direction into which you're looking, and this will steer the periscope into that direction. In Steel Beasts, that's simulated with Shift+Arrow Up, if I remember it correctly. Then you switch to the peri or TIM view (F3, or F2) fine-tune the crosshairs if necessary, and then override the gunner (Shift+Arrow up again).


But, that's only the Leopardo 2E. The Leopard 2A6 does not come with this or a similar system.


The workaround of hitting E to order a hasty battleposition/designate the direction of the engagement is intended as a shortcut of the real-life procedure to verbally describe the bearing, distance, target type, and possible landmarks in the vicinity over the intercom to the crew. We don't have a voice recognition module that would allow you to talk to the computer in a natural way, so we kinda have to cheat with these kinds of hotkeys. Which may appear cumbersome, but the truth is that this is still way easier than it is in reality. So, we want to make it a bit painful because it gives a better impression of the very difficulties that you have as a human commander when trying to describe a target to a crew that is severely restricted in their visibility.

It is also a somewhat universal experience. When I rode with a Marder crew during a live fire exercise I could listen to quite some battlefield lyrics as the commander tried to describe a target that he just spotted to the gunner. Wasn't exactly textbook, wasn't exactly pretty. Believe me when I say that I very vividly realized that moment how good we had it as tankers on a Leopard 2A4 (now seriously outdated) with the luxury of a primary stabilized periscope and an override function.

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Note that on the M1A2 you can move the CITV and designate targets while unbuttoned, but neither the CITV screen or turret clocks are functional from the unbuttoned position, so you kind of have to take a swag (based on where the physical CITV is pointing) at where you're actually looking. Alternatively, using the override to place the target between the MRS (end of the gun tube) and the left side of the GPS housing (dog house) will roughly center the target in the gunner's view.

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