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How to get good at the game?


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I‘m new and really want to get good at the game, but I‘m Not sure how to do this, I completed every tutorial for my desired vehicle the leopard 2A5/6, still spending a long time at the range to get good at shooting and my engagement time, but I can‘t complete any missions, I tried instant action but I die pretty much instantly before being able to kill an enemy, also I tried the „tanks! Again“ mission which seemed pretty straight forward but the same thing. First of all I just can’t spot the Enemy at all, I’m mostly unbuttoned with my binoculars but can’t see anything, I also try to use the TIM but I just loose situational awareness instantly and therefore am not able to really navigate through the terrain, so I get shoot at multiple times and have the Enemy marked at the map but still can’t find it and die. How should I progress, as it seems these missions are still to hard, but what should I do? Should I just simply try these missions, or similar until I get it?


Greetings Spuky

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Have you looked at the AAR after mission?


In the replay you will find out where you are going wrong with you plan, and take steps to correct this action. 

This Sim is rather complex as with modern armoured warfare.

Thus the years training we do in real life to complete missions. Hang in there.

If you want I can host a session and go over a few tips and see what you are doing wrong  if anything.

I'm sure others can help also online.


Online sessions are where most players see how the Sim works, and the added value of players there to assist you with questions in real time.

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Both "Tanks! Again" and "Instant Action" are pretty much the opposite of a realistic scenario. So, I would not use them as the metric to rate your own competence. That being said, Instant Action at least requires you to seek hull-down positions along the north-south oriented ridge line, defending against enemy mostly coming from the south-east. Also, you can't stay for too long in one place. You need to shoot maybe two or three tanks, then back up to break line of sight, and displace behind the ridge to an alternate position; rinse and repeat. Note that there are a few natural choke points - the bridges leading across the river in front of your friendly ridge. Ideally you kill units while they are on these bridges - assuming that you can stay alive long enough - so their wrecks block the passage for following tanks. IOW, treat bridgelayer tanks as priority targets. Avoid target fixation. Switch positions often. Follow these basic rules and you'll improve.

However, to get good at Steel Beasts in general, I think the by far best option is to play online with others. Join the TGIF games every Friday. You'll find friendly guides to help you in your assigned tasks, and you'll be assigned to a greater variety in rich tactical contex than those two scenarios could possibly deliver.

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