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Combat Mission and SB for modern warfare

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I've played CM for two decades now, mostly the WW2 games but also the modern ones. I find myself returning to SB for the modern warfare. It seems to me that SB just models it a lot better and, the maps are bigger which seems necessary with modern engagement ranges and maneuver. Also it's fun to drive and shoot yourself sometimes when you're not busy on the map. I guess the only place where SB is not shining so much compared to CM is in the infantry department. Things like trenches and foxholes are missing and perhaps the granularity og cover and concealment you find in CM for infantry. What are your thoughts, if any, on it?

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2 hours ago, Count Sessine said:

the maps are bigger

This is one of the reasons why I dislike CM.


There is no room to maneuver. Every mission is head-on, and it's always a meat grinder because there are so few options.


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Well, it was a lot of work to get it right. :o


In all fairness, I think the CM makers discovered (like us) that it's not easy to change very early, very fundamental design decisions like map sizes, using tile maps for the terrain, single-threaded code, etc. For a while you can take advantage of computers becoming more powerful, but only up to a point. We were lucky in a way that the scope of SB Pro had always been for the contemporary age with room for further growth of visibility distances etc.; it's a harder task to scale up.


In a way early and late CM versions illustrate well the revolutionary changes since WW2 with modern fire control systems and munitions. The CM engine was geared towards WW2 requirements WRT to effective weapon ranges, volume of fires, etc.

Drop modern weapons into this and previously ample spaces suddenly become very tight, a single company can deliver more firepower over the same frontage as previously a whole battalion, and let's not even speak about air support, combat helicopters, air defense missiles, ...

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