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36 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

These are the Dutch designations. AT probably means something like General Purpose. You want the MRAT (there's also an AT in it). SWP would be the Stinger/close air defense variant.

not "AT" =>AD = "algemene Diensten" => general Purpose

MRAT, yes thats the ATGM "carrier"



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Thank you for this tutorial. It was really helpful! :)  Also thanks again to the devs for the fantastic job they did of the M40A1 - I'm really hoping for M38A1C Jeep and dismounted (M79) and, if possible the Austrian towed versions.




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Oh, didn't notice that this was pinned. Thanks to whoever did that!


On 3/25/2021 at 3:02 AM, Valleyboy said:

Following up my last, I really liked your tutorial.  Any plans for a single player mission?

Not right now. But I do have plans for further tutorials though. I have one on the T-72 that needs a little polishing before I can throw it out there.

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  • Ssnake changed the title to M40A1 Tutorial Video discussion
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I split the discussion off into a separate thread, and renamed the original one so we can collect just videos in a more general tutorial video thread dedicated to specific weapon systems and their operation.

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