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105mm brass sounds not working.

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Having previous correspondance with Volcano


I can now catergorically say:


The 105mm Brass sounds are not working / implemented. (At least for me, anyway)



(It's a bit on the loud side.)


2021-06-09 17-57-57.mkv



In short, my understanding from correspondance with Ed, is the gun goes "BOOM!" and then the Brass goes "Clink clonky donk badonk." (Admittedly there is bit of Clinky noises but thats part of the "i_105Maingun" File. Apologies)

But in the presented example it goes "BOOM! Clink...." no "clonky donk badonk."


So recommended process: download the ZIP file

listen to the 105 Maingun

then pick a 105 Brass, and then watch the video, and you'll see what I mean.


The Zip attachement is what internal 105mm related files I have loaded.

(they're not very polished, but they'll do for testing purposes.)


I primarily used the Sho't Kal and M60 as I know the M60 has a slightly different sound location setup.


Let me know if I've gotten anything wrong this end.


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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, TSe419E said:

I'd say 105Brass2 is the one closest to what I remember.

Well, this is where I got them from.

It's about the only source of 105mm brass sounds short of actually organising a private live fire recording session. (and the associated legal wranglings)

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Oh, sorry, I told you wrong. The brass is mixed into the 105mm maingun sound itself. So if you want to hear yours, you have to do the same (that is, you would have to make a 105mm gun firing sound, and mix in a shell casing with it). The actual 105mm brass sounds are for the RCL reloading, actually. Not easy to keep them all straight. 😔

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