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Scenario Wishlist thread for NOVICE PLAYERS

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Have you been playing Steel Beasts for less than a year?

What kind of scenarios did you miss the most?



Note to prospective scenario designers: eSim Games could accept your submissions only if they were based on map packages that are part of the official distribution (plus, possibly, your own modifications in form of a delta map)

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Based on my experiences with new guys I bring to Steelbeast... and their feedback to me. 


- More simple missions with grew positions mostly gunner (with freedom to go to other positions / not limited to)

- More  missions that are (graphically) simple, plain, with absolutely minimal briefing (few lines)   

- Missions where they get to blow up stuff (pop turrets [t-tanks and bmps] because it is satisfying to them)

- Very short missions  usually less than 45 minutes are preferred as that often feels like strech.   As short as..5-20 minutes would likely be what they often would hope for. (my impression)  


To my understanding... Missions where own units are fully scripted too are quite ok, as there are keys for "C" continue route and "E assume battleposition    


I also have feeling... that especially newcomers would find voice acted radio messages easier to keep up with. 


New guys usually fall in love to Leopard2s  and for some bizarre reason... marder1A3 and bmp2     M1 abrams are liked, but for somereason often less favored (probably ammunition and tendency to burn lazer)






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