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Scenario Wishlist thread for moderately experienced players


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Yo've been playing Steel Beasts in single player mode for a year or longer, and you're at the point where the standard scenarios are no longer fresh and new, and you've gone through the Download section here already.

What scenarios did you like best, what would you like to see more of, what did you look for but couldn't find?



Note to prospective scenario designers: eSim Games could accept your submissions only if they were based on map packages that are part of the official distribution (plus, possibly, your own modifications in form of a delta map)

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The current scenario design process is very time consuming and at the end of it the designer knows everything about the OPFOR and its plan. That suits military training, where an instructor can spend time on detailed design and then run one scenario for multiple trainees, all of whom are unfamiliar with it.

The PE players, OTOH, don't always have the time for detailed planning and often there is a limit to how many times a SP scenario can be re-played without losing interest.

ORBAT randomization and autonomous planning can make the design process quicker and make the scenario vary every time. The designer could be able to optionally set the scenario concept just in general lines, for example: OPFOR is company-strong mechanized infantry, its task is to defend that objective, deployment zone is this, available AFV types are BMP-1 and BMP-2, etc. Then, randomly, AI could set the exact number of platoons, choosing either BMP-1s or BMP-2s, place them in the deployment zone, set battle positions, waypoints, routes based on terrain analysis, etc.

Of course, such a random planning algorithm would be complex to implement, as a low-complexity algorithm might occasionally make the OPFOR act unreasonably. However, for PE SP needs, imperfect planning may be sufficient, considering the benefits in time saving, scenario variation and cutting the player's preliminary knowledge of the OPFOR.  

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- Small missions that would be of aproximately platoon size or less...  where you do not need to jump from unit to unit. Where you can stay within platoon leaders vehicle and use key commands to command your platoon.

- Missions that are short 15-45minutes and simple.    Like...   Border patrol and Platoon recon

- Missions where even radio messages are english So often I feel that I miss something important when I have no clue what radio messages say when those are in foreign language 



More and differend kind of Tank ranges / tables to test your skills

- More instant action missions

- More "TANKS" missions


These latter because those are such easy tress free way to jump in and just practice different weapon systems, ways to engage, and own skills at spotting enemies or own reactions when underfire. 

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