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IPM1 in Solid Olive Drab?


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I went looking for an olive drab IPM-1 skin and... didn't find any? I mean there's M1A1 skins that are olive drab but nothing for the IPM1!


Looking for something like the stolen image below.


Or am I missing it (include link below)?

Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 21-35-56 Title Early M1 Abrams in Germany during an exercise (1984) TankPorn.png

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9 hours ago, iamfritz said:

Is there a simple way to have the M1 IP use olive drab too?


Simple enough.

But, obviously, someone has to make and upload the skin, first. 😉

If @dpabrams doesn't come out of hiding and scoop me on it, I'll be happy to put one together. I've been looking for a project ... but eSim and others keep beating me to the punch. 🥺

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OK. Scooped again.


Just took a look at the available eSim skins for the IPM1, and it seems the easiest/quickest way to get an all-green one is simply to copy the existing IPM1 skin from the Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\textures\woodland\red folder into the mod folder of whatever nation you plan to use it for (I assume us1980). Pic below.


Also, fun fact, all of the M1's except the A2Sep use the M1A1HA model for the roof and deck from the TC's position (F7 unbuttoned).
So, unless you want a NATO camo gun barrel and engine deck, you'll also need to copy the M1A1.dds from the red folder. That, combined with the green M1A1roof.dds I've provided below, you should be able to get what you want.







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