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To bad about these binos not being currently available.  I remember asking for something similar years ago and was told to be quiet and go away.  Can't wait till we get them, very handy.  Thanks for the tutorial and reminder about lasing sensor equipped vehicles.  Bookmarking. 



These binos are in game, my bad.  Thanks eSim.

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Nice tutorial and overview of this amazing optic. Controls are kinda different from what you would expect, but it is a game changer for recon missions. I've used it to paint a picture for the Commander in many a Kanium game. 


Would love to see a modeled version of the 640x480 version at some point 

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Yeah, the "problem" is, once that it's an official "eSim Tutorial Video" you have to take the route of a didactic concept first, followed by a storyboard, and then multiple rounds of cuts and re-cuts (with possible re-recording of voice-overs), and finally the documentation of subtitle time codes and the voice-over transcript before we can release it. We can hope for such detailed videos about once per month. There's less complex issues surch as the license activation that we can do in a slightly less rigorous manner (but even there we had a sweet merry-go-round of cut iterations before they were releaseworthy).

I'm glad that I don't have to do these videos but I'm equally glad that we managed to make a few now to enhance the Steel Beasts channel. Makes you appreciate anyone who can produce a halfway decent training video.


We have a very healthy list of potential topics, probably well more than we can handle in a reasonable amount of time. :o

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