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Campaigns In Development

Apocalypse 31

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I promised another campaign when Operation Talon Strike made it to 500 downloads. It's in the 400s now, so I wanted to keep to my word.


I'm working on two campaigns:



1. Operation Olympus - A series of 5 small-scale Company missions, where the player controls a single platoon but can take control over the entire company. During this campaign you will take control over several different platoon types, fighting through a fictional scenario where bad guys invaded a contested island in the Mediterranean. This campaign focuses on a peer-to-peer fight with a very conventional focus for both sides - tanks, IFVs, helicopters, and artillery. Lots of slugfests that you will fight through. 





2. Operation Oryx - This is a cooperative effort with me and @ben. It is another 5-mission campaign focused on the platoon-level. This time, you command an element within a mixed French task force that was called forward to assist an African partner nation quell a violent militia who has seized control of a region. The focus for this campaign is much less conventional; you will find yourself in a more asymmetric fight between a conventional French task force and a militant combat group with primitive equipment. Ben and I are working to find a good balance between the forces. Where one might think the militants are the underdogs, it is actually the French forces who don't have the same equivalent in firepower and must use finesse and smarts to overcome a powerful enemy. Should be a fun time!

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