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Crash To Desktop


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I would report CTD in SB PRO PE 4.265.

I was able to reproduce it 2 times in the same mission, at the end , I was waiting in Obj Delta zone

first time nothing happened, I was just scanning horizon

second time, HE/ICM? arty fire was occurring.




-edit- adding the Kuwait delta map file, converted from initial sce file. It's placed under "Wolf [autocreated base]"

Battle in Kuwait (SB1 retro).sce 1911601911_SBCTDlogdump.zip


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adding map file
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Posted (edited)
17 minutes ago, Jartsev said:

...and it would be really nice to have a map for scenario, where crashes  were observed...

I've added delta map file in initial post

The third CTD attempt was more simple, I've started mission, didn't touch anything, CTD occurred several minutes after


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