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v4.1/2 and V3.0 at the same time?


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First, if this should be in the support section, i apologize for placeing this in general, i was not sure where this belongs.


I do own 3 v3.0 licences and share and play 2 of them sometimes with 2 friends of mine. Now today i upgraded my 4.0 to 4.1 (i have 2.5, 3x 3.0, 4.0 and now 4.1).

As i start the bundle installer it tell me old version found, it is the v3.028 version i use from time to time, and that it is recommended that i uninstall the old version.


Now i want to ask;


- Is it critical to uninstall 3.0 before i install latest 4.2? Will it make problems if keep 3.0 or is there a way i can have both on the computer and have them both work?


- I have ~330+ user made scenarios for v3 and v4, are they all obsolete with 4.2 now?


- I did not find if i absolutely need that "map server package v44" thingy, do i have to install this to get any maps? What does this do?


- And the legacy map thingy, i only need this as map creator and not a user playing maps, right?



Sorry for the questions, i read in the 4.265 release notes but i failed to make perfect sense of it.

I did not install 4.265 yet as i still got v3.028 on the computer and i am not sure if i have to deinstall it. (I do have latest codemeter software)


Thank you very much guys!

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It is "possible" to have multiple versions of SB Pro PE installed, but I do not necessarily recommend it.

Version 4.2 can, in principle, load every old scenario. Obviously, an old version cannot load a scenario made under a newer version. Actually, Steel Beasts 3.0 might attempt it and not properly handle the case, so that's obviously bad. But you might also "forget" in which version you currently are and load one of your own scenarios in the Mission Editor, in which case Steel Beasts will auto-convert it to the new format and when you then save it under the same name, you could no longer open it in 3.0 and you might wonder why.

The different Steel Beasts versions share some folders, which may also bring more subtle problems (e.g. the options file, the records file, Instant Action, tank range, etc.)


So, generally I think you're better off upgrading completely.


Your old maps and scenarios will either continue to work without problem, or can be converted to the new format. We have threads dedicated to that:



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Uninstalling 3.0 after the installation of 4.2 might work out, but obviously we haven't tested this so I can't vouch for it being a completely carefree method. In the worst case I suppose you'd have to install 4.2 again over the existing installation.


Your 330+ scenarios can still be used (see above)


The map package transfer manager will allow you to download maps from the eSim Games map server (and other servers, pending configuration) which can be very helpful when loading a 4.1+ scenario that requires a map that you don't actually have since the digital fingerprint of the required map ("map UID") is stored in the scenario file (but no longer the map data themselves).


The legacy maps can be useful to have when converting legacy scenarios from version 3.0 to 4.1 or higher. Once that you have converted everything you will no longer need them, of course.

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