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Open House at GHRVPK Denmark 2021.


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On Saturday 25/9-2021 if Covid is willing, there is Open House at GHRVPK at Næstved.


GHRVPK = The Guard Hussar Regiment Veteran Armor and Vehicles Union


It is possible to see all and crawl around on and in most of our vehicles.




There will be some demonstration driving in the exercise area with at least some blank firing of some of the tank cannons. Hopefully there will also be a combat demo but that is still to be determined. I will update on that.


It will also be possible to try the upgraded Steel Beasts Pro PE sim in our Leopard 1A3 trainer turret with a genuine Leopard 1A5-DK1 gunners grip. We have upgraded the PC and gone from SB Pro PE version 3.028 to 4.265 and they shoot back in the new scenario! (Impotently.)




A little of what we have:











Our webpage with directions and pictures and information about our vehicles. (In Danish)



The turret sim:


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A small update.

The event will start at 0900 with static displays and APC's and wheeled vehicles will be doing some driving, some of them with passengers.


1500 to 1600 will be a Battle Demo and the event will end at 1600.


I will mostly be at the sim, but it will be closed during the Battle Demo as I want to watch.

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