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Bug Report - RCL Tracer bug


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I have observed the following behaviour when using the RCL in SB:


M344 HEAT As ammo type Loaded when fired

M344 HEAT As ammo type Selected/Indexed when fired

No Tracer present (I Imagine this is correct as there is no "-T" in the ammo type name)


M344 HEAT Loaded

M346 HEP-T Selected/Indexed

Tracer present  (This is what piqued my interest)


M346 HEP-T Loaded

M346 HEP-T Selected/Indexed

Tracer present (I assume this is correct)


M346 HEP-T Loaded

M344 HEAT Selected/Indexed

No Tracer present (Incorrect)


As you can see it appears the tracer function is triggered by the ammo type selected when the RCL is fired.

This behaviour is present in both the Tojosa Pickup and the M113 RCL


Included is a test scenario 4 x vehicles:

1x M113 with only HEAT

1x M113 with only HEP-T

1x pickup with only HEAT

1x pickup with only HEP-T

#a RCL test.sce

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