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Irritating gunners


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They will fire at up to 2000m, until they are shot at. Once they are shot at they are free to engage target if they are within their maximum range (at least that is how they should work, and it might be what you are observing).


They would need to given new fire control settings after that, or must no longer see enemy  (I forget which one).

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Also, even if they are not being shot at, once that the condition to open fire is fulfilled, they will also shoot at targets beyond.



The only way to control that is to have the unit move out of the current battle position and then either back into it or to an alternate position where the 2000m limit is re-imposed.

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12 hours ago, Volcano said:

within their maximum range


of their designated best anti armour ammo type




A T-55 loaded with BR-412 will just sit their and take it if the fire is coming from over 1700m away as their designated best anti armour round is the BR-412

(which has a range of 1700m and is estimated to penetrate 240mm RHAe at 0m)


They WILL NOT use HE which has a range of 3000/4000m as it is NOT designated as an anti armour round, being HE-FRAG.

(Even though it is estimated to penetrate 300mm RHAe at 0m)


A Sho't Kal WILL however use the L35 HESH round as it IS designated an anti armour round, out to 3000m or so (it might be 4000m)

(P at 0m = 310mm RHAe)


To add another example a BMP can shoot back up anywhere from 2500m up to 5000m depending on what ATGM it is equipped with, as the ATGM is the best anti armour weapon it has.


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