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Vehicle Emplacement [fixed]


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Not sure if this has been mentioned before as I couldnt find it in a search, but, I'm customizing a scenerio.  Making  the fulda defense friendly unit  into my 3/2 ACR unit i was in in real life.   I have vehicle emplacements  off map to place during the planning phase.  Problem is,  during running of the mission, even tho there is no vehicle emplacement in a certain area on the map, , there is one there in the world view during gameplay.  .   ill show u in pics what i mean.  



notice in the graphic,   there is a vehicle placement there,   where in map there isnt.  and there is actually rows of them that this bradley  had to go through. (I had  to manually drive  it past them) 




If i go to create scenerio and i remove the  emplacements altogether, it doesnt happen.  and the placements are well off map to where they shouldnt be  interfering with the scenerio

oh ,  and it version 4.265, have not updated yet to latest.

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This doesn't look like a vehicle replacement. Yes, the terrain profile has been modified. Maybe someone tried to create a drainage ditch parallel to the road, maybe the map maker experimented with road leveling. Either way, it need to be fixed in the map editor, possibly by using the height clone tool.

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SB scenario/terrain editor works as follows:

The area is mirrored outside the selected area but without buildings, roads or other objects such as signs or high-voltage lines. The reflection does not create a ditch or wall!

Picture #1 shows this system and pic #2 a screenshot.


In the case at hand I took a look at the area (pic #3 and #4):

- no ditch

- but a faulty high-voltage line

Maybe you swapped this high-voltage line for something else or the faulty high-voltage line is the cause.

pic #1 SB map edge system.JPG

pic #2.jpg

pic #3.jpg

pic #4.jpg

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ok,  here it is,   i took a screen of the same location,  with the emplacements where I had them, and then again, same area, after I moved the emplacements.    third screenie is the map showing  where i moved them to and marked where they originally were,  So guess the work around is to not have them where the direction of the emplacements look into the map itself.



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