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Armoured Fist for the Finns :)

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There's a Finnish SB community called "Panssarinyrkki" around with website and forums. It's started by few active multiplayers and it's all in finnish language. All you Finns and other Finnish speaking people (?) go see the forums and join in! We're not a Virtual Unit in a way for example ARRC is, but rather a community wishing to play in our native language :). The forum is used to discuss game session times etc. so we do get online simultaneosly sometimes.





The reason why this is started is that there are a lot of finnish SB players around, even multiplayers but they are for one reason or another spread out in a lot of places. Not many have found their way to SB TS. Hopefully with this effort we get more finns playing the game online and so get more multiplaying action and bigger games going! We use SB TS server for comms, and all the games we played have been open for all and usually so that Finnish speaking people have been on same vehicle/platoon/side to help out with comms. Imagine 5 people speaking english the way I do and you get it lol...


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