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SB Pro PE 4.268


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In the next few hours, the gods of the internet permitting, new installer files should become available. As you can see from the increase in version number, it's just a minor patch. However, it's addressing a few rather annoying bugs that crept into 4.267, so it's worth the new installer (sorry, no incremental patch).


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Oh wow lots of cool stuff excited about the new 14.5 and Luchs ammo types as the brdm2 (would die for the atgm version to be playable someday I love atgm vehicles) and luchs are some of my favorite vehicles, also a repair Pirahna sounds very cool Ive been hoping for a wheeled armored repair vehicle.


Im assuming the bug with the sun appearing at night has been fixed?  I skimmed through the pdf while at work here but didnt notice it.

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