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eSim Games Christmas Lottery


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The new mousepads have arrived. I'm NOT going to make an unboxing video.


Not everybody who won actually sent me an email with their current address (which was to be expected, free mousepad or not). That leaves a contingent of unclaimed mousepads and a stack of eager envelopes that are chomping at the reigns to get sent off unlabeled, and we can't possibly have that.



Among those who send me now an email with their current mail address, I will draw a second round of lucky winners, this time heavily favoring regular visitors of this forum, which should even out the imbalance of the first round that favored new customers. Please enter as the subject line "I need a new mousepad, eSim!" plus your name, and in the mail body add your current postal mail address.

When you receive it, please be appropriately excited and tell your social media circles with photo evidence if you like.

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1 hour ago, Kingtiger said:

Is that a T-72B3 I am spotting in the lower part of the mousepad?... =D 


Got mine yesterday, sure looks out like an interesting summer! 




I was wondering what tank turret it was ^^
is there a single mousepad model or is there several? :D

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Well, the trees are artistic license. The hay bales might or might not make it. The artwork is there, can we integrate it in time? We'll see.


You are, by the way, permitted to post photos of the thing so others can envy your prizes. ;)

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