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Armored Cough Suryp Delivery Rally - Christmas themed CO-OP mission from Lumi Saturday 18th of December


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Hey guys I have a very special Christmas themed CO-OP mission in mind that i intended to pull off last year but chickened out. This year i feel more courageous and in testing have found my idea to work. More about that later.. but right now... 


Would Saturday 18th 18:00 GMT work for you?   (Decided time to be 18:00 GMT)   https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Armored+Cough+Suryp+Delivery+Rally+"escord"&iso=20211218T18&p1=%3A&ah=1


Or do you have any better day / time slot in mind when most of community could make it for approx 1 hour mission? 


I will need Atleast this week to modify old mission to suit my new theme idea. 





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So Ill try to describe idea here more to know what you guys think.  


I was inspired by Esims.. image.png.31bd55b926255b121c0b7d1f6396ac0f.png


So I started to think.



Last year I worked on a mission  named "Ice river Race"   And I had lot of fun with guys from Team Saber while testing and troubleshooting it.


This rave track is 28km long..  and it takes a good while to drive it though full speed - I aprox mission would last roughly 45 minutes. 



I am planning that we would use Aslav25s and Centauros with unlimited ammunition [no smoke] ( and 10 second repair all / 30 second revive options enabled because this is supposed to be fun) 



Notice that Aslaws and Centauros commanders have access to machine guns as well.  ;)   (those will come handy!)  



Our  honorable mission would be   ACSDR-E

Armored, Cough, Suryp, Delivery, Rally  "escort"  xD       


So would happen that Santaclaus has become fond of special cought suryp and unfortunately his stocks have run low. Hence once enough stock is made from special incredients it ought to be delivered with urgent haste!   Escort Race up along the Tornio river as fast as we can, protecting and making sure that the truck carrying santas special cought suryp reaches him as fast as possible!  




I have   arranged     that quite few nemesis of christmas are to be expected and trying to prevent this special  delivery reaching our dear Santaclaus in timely manner.   


Following enemies may be expected to be seen..  in large numbers.


Agent_Smith_(The_Matrix_series_characterMr smith from Matrix  (in multitude of numbers, likely armed with more potent weapon than hand gun this time)   [perhaps riding Helicopters ;)]



The evil sith lord will likely send his Star Troopers  and their white (UN) camoflaged vehicles   (Leopards 1s, merkava [no ballistic computer and only heat]? M113s? trow your own ideas here)



Oh and were likely going to see some terminators  as well..   perhaps some doomsday machines such as  T-14 armata? xD  (without ballistic computer and only heat) And perhaps some sexy red - terminator ladies with heavy weapons! 




Anyways...   I think this could be great and fun event for community to get us all to christmass spirits and would love to see lot of you guys participating



OH...   Most important!!!  This is darn challenging to do alone in the vehicle.  For this mission I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MULTICREW!   


  • Because you will need driver for maximum speed
  • Driver needs someone to read map while he races up more often skidding sideways than straight.  
  • For shooting you definitely need a gunner and it wont be easy because youre going to be moving 30-70kph!! xP     
  • And Commander will have good use for his machinegun too!  


Purpose of all of this is for everyone to have great fun and enjoyable event so that we all get to Christmass mood. :)     And also to demonstrate how special Steelbeast is...  because I cannot think you can do anything like this on any other game.  (not that you should do this on SB either xD   but you can ;)  [ definitely not made for this kind of stuff, i know!]) 


Please, let me know if you're willing to come at Saturday 18th of December at 18:00 GMT -  https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Armored+Cough+Suryp+Delivery+Rally+"escord"&iso=20211218T18&p1=%3A&ah=1


And also let me know of any concerns and suggestions you might have. Let's make this to be a fun community event that shall repeat every year.  And hopefully  every year we will be aiming to get better time than previously  ~ 



Here as attachment is one version of last years iceriver missions for testing purposes for you guys.  In case if you want to try how it would be.. and perhaps to learn to drift already so that you wont be...  skidding too far out of sight from rest of the team.  (or crash too many times)






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  • Lumituisku changed the title to Discussion for - Armored Cough Suryp Delivery Rally - Christmas themed CO-OP mission from Lumi for Saturday 18th of December?


6 hours ago, Poofydoodle said:

This sounds like it could be a lot of fun! That is 10am saturday for me so if I am feeling up to it i will try to attend


Nice welcome!


I'll have plenty of Aslav-25s and Centauros available so that everyone can have one if they want. This is supposed to be fun after all. I am not going to force people to multicrew. 


However I and my friend @Commissar_Martin highly recommend those who have driving wheel to try that on this mission. It is as he put it -


"As a second to lumi's final comment... Any people who happen to have driving wheel setups should definitely consider being drivers for this one... Driving SB vehicles on ice with a wheel is an experience not to be missed!"


However I highly recommend you to try it before this mission. It can take annoying amount of work to get your driving wheel to work on Steelbeast. 



Once again. Let me know if you're interested so that i will have rough idea how many is coming and how to balance mission. 

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  • Lumituisku changed the title to Armored Cough Suryp Delivery Rally - Christmas themed CO-OP mission from Lumi Saturday 18th of December

Mission is almost ready. Just missing a briefing. 




I have done lot of testing and balancing to get things just right and that it would be fun (not realistic or immersive but FUN) 


mission will last approximately 45 minutes~


There is 12 Centauros and another 12 Aslav-25s  besides the truck that we will need to escort through the race track that is littered with all sort of enemies.  Some even come from behind.  So there is unit for everyone who wants to come and more can be added.


intending to run this first run of this mission in 5 roughly hours. :)



If you are interested feel free to join the experience of racing up icy river and shooting stuff from the move!


~ Lumi





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Ghost got some nice screen shot from our... end messing up when his tank is on the way to moon 🌒 ~  xD          Had a blast of fun with this one.  Thank you all the guys who came!!!!         My recording coming up later.       And yeah.. this mission was all about shit and giggles xD  

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