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11th Saturday co-op, small / short mission 16:00 GMT - (modified) Border Patrol originally created by Frederic "Bluewings" Georges


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Hi there fellow Steelbeast community members.  I am organizing a small mission on Saturday11th at 16:00 GMT - https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Saturday+COOP+-+Border+patrol&iso=20211211T16&p1=1440&ah=1&am=20


I have asked help from Kanium and they have graciously allowed use of their Teamspeak for this session:  Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 


We will use nevest Steelbeast Pro PE version 4.268   


and if there will be more than 7 coming besides me and we end up having some vehicles multicrewed as I am hoping for, they can host the server as well.  


I have had my eyes on following mission for quite a while.


Modified version of "Border Patrol" that's original version was made by Frederic " @Bluewings " Georges - October 2004


Seems like a Border incident scenario . But who knows .....

2 Reinforced Companies , mixed Units .
Patrol along a border , looking for enemy infiltration .




Duration aproximately an hour  +/-  20 minutes    (depending how well we do and if we trigger second phase or not) 


Available units

2x Leopard 2A5s  (Commander, gunner, driver)

2x Marder 1A3s  (Commander, gunner, driver)  +   1 Infantry ATGm   (Milan) team on each Marder 

2x Pirantha with RWS  (Commander + driver)  + 1 Infantry ATGm (Milan) team on each Pirantha 

2x Trucks  (possibly subject to change depending how many will come)


I intend to lead the mission. However if someone else want's to try, this one is very good mission for that.  


My wishes for you, if you are interested. 

First signed first served

Veterans ->  Multicrew is highly encouraged. -> Aka  find your most trusted friends to be your crew to have different kind of Steelbeast exprerience. / readiness to allow newcomers to be your gunners if necessary

Newcomers / and people new to steelbeast, do not hesitate to sign up to this if you can reliably hit targets on gunnery range with Leopard2s and have basic ability to understand be understood in english. 

International crews - Atleast commander of crew needs to be able to understand / be understood in english to communicate with rest of platoon / taskforce 


Following gentleman behaviors are encouraged.

  • Be there early. Mission starts 16:00 GMT even without you.  (I am limited by time sorry)
  • Crews only talk on their own radio channel leaving platoon net free of  chatter that happens inside the vehicle.
  • Once your dead wait a bit poke me on TS and I will try to see if there there is free unit / role for you. If not....  Wait until we see if we survive up to second phase. 
  • Please feel free to write your free worded After Action Feedback here on this topic after mission.


Let me know by replying to this topic if you are interested to come alone / with crew


Sincerely Lumi [Team Saber] 












                         Tensions raised the last months ....
                         So far , nothing happened yet . Not even a Border incident , but things are boiling up ...
                         Both sides 's Forces have been on Alert , the two Countries are watching each other 's move ...
                         Until today it seems .... 15 minutes ago , we 've lost contact with a Border Patrol (2 Piranhas and 2 Mercedes) .
                         They could have run into something as their last cut off radio message transmited machine gun fire .

                       You are Team VIPER 1 .

                       Follow the planned route to the Patrol 's last known position and investigate . Give them a hand if needed .
                       Report ANYTHING suspicious to the HQ .
                       You will recieve direct Orders from the HQ , follow them to the letter unless specified otherwise .

                       Team VIPER 1 :  2 Leo2A5 (Co , Xo)
                                                  1 Marder section
                                                  1 Piranha section 
                                                  1 Mercedes section .

                          Follow the Orders given to you during your mission . We cannot risk any diplomatic incident .
                          In the unlikely case you meet with the other side 's Forces , be firm and stand your ground .

                          Rules of Engagement (RoE) are the following : 

                  ----> Do NOT fire across the Border unless being engaged .
                  ----> Engage ANY OPFOR on our side of the Border .

4) ARTY : 
                   You have Moderate suppport from 3 ARTY Platoons ~7 tubes~ who will provide ICM , HE and Smoke .

                                                    YOU (player) MUST CALL FOR THE ARTY BY YOURSELF .

                       Time is 07:00 am . 
                       Mist and grey day .
                       Visibility down to 500m to the naked eye .

                     65 minutes maximum scenario .

                       Maximum mission score : 1000 Pts .
                       Maximum User score : 300 Pts .

----> Designer 's Notes :
                                      Good luck Tanker . Enjoy 😉

Frederic "Bluewings" Georges .
October 2004 .





Let me know by replying to this topic if you are interested to come alone / with crew   + your wish for Unit / Role

Edited by Lumituisku
there was some crazy funny stuff on text at botton. <.<
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Initial manning list. (I'm going to fiddle with callsigns a bit still so this is just to give a rough idea)


Leopard #1

Leopard #2  - Commander MD @Major duck gunner ?

Marder #1

Marder #2

Piranha #1

Piranha #2


Truck #1 

Truck #2



From Team saber: 4 members if not more (were happy at any position) Including @Lumituisku (any), @Commissar_Martin (any), Ghostboat (any), Tero (gunner)

From Kanium: @Major duck (Cmd)


Hopefully:  @Nike-Ajax Kanium


Cannot come: Oleg,  Lusik


Edited by Lumituisku
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