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Recording Scenarios... Just Curious


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@Ssnake https://obsproject.com/


@iamfritz This is likely just from nerves at the idea of you "being recorded." It is very easy to get into this idea that everything has to be perfect, and that every single mistake can be rewatched, picked apart, and criticized. 


Best advice I can give is to play like you normally would. Your audience should enjoy you for being you; don't try to be something that you are not. 

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I'm all for recording my scenarios.  Interesting to hear what I sound like in the heat of combat (screaming, cussing, etc).  Posting in YouTube or Twitter gives more exposure for the game, gains more Treadheads involved.  My only problem is that my GPU is so obsolete, I can't record in HD at all.  Sad.  


I tend to talk a lot more when I record my own single player games, makes me feel like a commander (never made higher than E-4 in the Army).  Also tend to explain more for the viewers.  In some cases, I roleplay my positions out.  Yep, I'm on that level of weird.  

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6 hours ago, RedWardancer said:

In some cases, I roleplay my positions out.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Quite the contrary, I'd say. Probably helps with knowledge retainment (if you want a functional justification), but to me it'd be more fun that way in any case.

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