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Big Box Collection, that is... what?




I can't be the only one here who has at least a small collection. Mine is mostly flight sims but there are some tank titles... no 80s stuff, as I started PC gaming in the 90s. My first ever tank sim was iM1A2 Abrams and I still love it to this day (to the point that I created the Wikipedia article for it a few years ago) and I still fire it up every now and then, mostly to pretend I'm still young. :| It's probably the most playable out of the bunch here, even with its flaws. I think growing up with its solid right-click menu system is one of the reasons why I enjoy SB so much. Panzer Commander and Spearhead are still sealed:




Next shelf down... iF-16 and iF/A-18E are still sealed. Random P4s laying around.




Some Janes stuff:




Feel free to post yours... I'd like to see some 80s stuff in particular.

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My wife and I were doing some reorganizing recently and we came across a bin full of my old game boxes. She asked if I wanted to keep them, seeing as most of them won't even install on a modern PC. I reluctantly agreed to get rid of a lot of them.


I did keep a few ... like my original SB. I'll have to look and see what else I still have.

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