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Taiwan Map - New Taipei / Taoyuan Area


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So I've been working on this map for…I can hardly remember now, about 2 years on and off.  It's not complete, might never be. However, I’m going to push this out there shortly as is. This was an attempt at a North Taiwan map, way too ambitious, naturally, as I wanted to get the feel right. It's a very complex close terrain, difficult for large maneuver units.  This was made with PLA invasions in mind. This is why I wanted the northwest coastal region, just north of Taipei. These are possible landing beaches closest to Taipei, including the Taipei Port and Tamsui Estuary. 


I'm using the Granada height map for the high-ground around Taipei as I don’t have any height map info for Taiwan.   The rest of the high-ground and coast west was built using the editor.  Everything else was guided by Google Earth. 


As such it's an approximation of North Taiwan. The distances are roughly correct between major features. Currently, these include the Port of Taipei and Bali, Taoyuan International airport, Zhuwei Fishing Harbor, the northern sections of Luzhu District, Dayuan District. Recognizable major industry, power plants, fuel storage, Golf courses, rivers,  etc, and of cause all the regional roads. 


The road systems in Taiwan are really challenging to recreate in SB. I've done the best I can to replicate the kind of obstacles these complex road systems would represent. 


I've built-in from the coast as this is really about whether or not the PLA can establish a beachhead to allow for follow-on forces. If they cannot it's doubtful they will accomplish the mission. If they can it's pretty much end-game for Taiwan.  So it's primarily a fight for control of the coastal areas. 


I will continue to add to the map over time. However, I think it's good enough to publish at this point or it never will. So a little more work to polish up and it should be done shortly. 















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25 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:


Just be prepared for a certain degree of "wacky races" as the AI tries to resolve some of the road pathing issues.

It's true. it's not the easiest map to use. Thus far I've run company-sized engagements without much hassle. However, it's not the most AI friendly map.  One of the problems stem from having roads too close together, i.e when trying to run a set of roads parallel below the raised roads. It's hit and miss, sometimes it works fine other times the AI gets hung up trying to climb from the lower road up to the roads above.  Complex maps are not the best maps for SB, depending on what you are doing with it of cause. This is definitely a map that needs a lot of micromanagement, vehicle traps abound! Being Taiwan, there is also a lot of boggy ground so... keep ARVs close by.  One of the debates, regarding a possible PLA invasion, is the use of armor in this theater. Many specialists see this exclusively as an infantry-centric campaign.     



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on the money. ka-ching.🤑


insofar as the AI path-finding and map creation tools are concerned, in a sense those sorts of challenges will improvise creative solutions, which in themselves may show in surprisingly beneficial results - much in the same way 1970s film technology forced george lucas to improvise star wars props, costumes and this sort of thing- and it worked, the practical effects in my view were actually superior than the perfect, sterile computer animations and costumes of the later films

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