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4.268 - Tank range on M113-AS4, gives low score and 0% hit percentage


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So I just played tank range on this and for some reason as result I am reported 0% hit percentage.  Even when I have got all targets destroed.  




There was 2 misses.. 

and 1 hit didn't kill target witch is odd too   Perhaps bug on "kill when hit" condition? 



Still.. all others hit  so I shouldn't have 0% hit percentage.   


I have hunch that this probably is known problem already, I may have seen discussion about something like this on forum before, but wasn't able to find it on my quick look about. so Ill edit tittle if so. 


This same thing btw seems to have happened to my friend as well. (witch is why I went to test this on first place.)  So it should be repeatable. 









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