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Casual multicrew training with Saber Friday 31th - 15:00 GMT


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Hi guys. If there is interest for casual multicrew training with Saber 15:00 GMT at Friday 31th 



It will be About 2 hour session  then 1 hour break and then roughly 45 minute session of Armored Cought Syryp Delivery Rally retake.  (Tank version hopefully)


Let me know if youre interested to come.  I am organising possibly more than one small mission for my friends then. You are welcome to join up


Going to update this post as I choose some missions to go with.  Most likely something with platoon of tanks.  (probably Leopards)   


Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 

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25 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:

Sorry, that's 0200 on New Year's Day for me - I probably will still be out.

As we all should be at 0200 on New Years Day!  Happy New Year.



EDIT:  If by out you mean, asleep, then I stand by my statement.  I'm getting too old to stay up until 0200 partying!

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Thank you everyone who joined this Casual Multicrew Session.   More like this coming in future. 


Hopefully we can eventually get some crews working together nicely over the time of many sessions. 


You guys did good job!  


And big thank you for all those who Participated on ACSDR retake. :)          HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  🥳

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On 12/30/2021 at 9:18 PM, Apocalypse 31 said:

You might get some folks if you post this in the TankSim discord. 


We've had a few new guys show up and are looking for games

Anime filler review is a blog sit. I think this site can help to find more games.


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