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Kanium Sunday 9th of January "Operation Able Archer The Defense", by Assassin

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1 hour ago, Higgs said:

Unfortunately I won't make it this Sunday. I have to much going on next week.

I wish everyone a lot of fun and I'll probably be there next week.


You will be missed for all the good reasons - have a nice one 😁


13 minutes ago, Colebrook said:

Put me in a leo or in a recon m3, as needed


Holá Caballero

GOOD to have you back 👍

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Last minute: We have good numbers tonight, BUT we need a few MECHANISTAS for @Grenny s platoon. And we still have room in other roles too.

You do not have to sign up, but its really appreciated if you do.

And you dont need any qualifications or experience.

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21 minutes ago, JAG-11A said:

Apologies for short notice, but, I will not be available this afternoon.  Wife is feeling better, but still not up to driving kids around and housework.  


No need for any apologies: Life always comes before games, and your family twice as much !
All the best to your family in general and your wife in particular.


2 hours ago, tankenator said:

able to play, prefer M1, then any tank, then gunner if available


In line with the above I hope you can accept a Leo ?


9 minutes ago, O.Schmidt said:

Do you still have a free place at Grenny B22-B24?



We certainly have, and good to have you back !

@Colebrook Congratulations Sir: You just had a field promotion 😁

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14 minutes ago, Grenny said:

Problem, one of the kids got sick...will be busy with watching and cleaning stuff 😞

Unlikely to be available today

I can't do it alone! Then I need help if Grenny can't come! We will see! 

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Posted (edited)
14 minutes ago, ligthert said:

If there is still space, can you please chuck me in a Leopard or a CV90 please?


With Pleasure -and welcome: I suggest you go to TS now to sort out comms

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