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Saturday 15th - 16:00 GMT - Casual multicrew with Saber


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Casual Multicrew with Saber on Saturday 15th at 16:00 GMT   https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Casual+Multicrew&iso=20220115T16&p1=%3A&ah=2


Roughtly 1.5 hour session.    Will pick & modify small roughtly platoon sized mission(s) according to intel who will join.  


Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077   



Newcomers welcome.   -  Gunners are more than welcome  as well we do have good amount of experienced players to be your commanders.


We will play in relaxed / flexible manner -  But will attempt to follow some procedures to ensure smoothness of session for everyone.  



Coming: @Lumituisku @Commissar_Martin @JAG-11A 






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42 minutes ago, TSe419E said:

Sorry I didn’t make.  Maybe next time.


No problem.  


We did have...  very interesting mission. And very long one too almost 2h. 


We played "Contest 1 / Excalibur"  mission with platoon of leopard 2a5s  attacking very long assault during night, over multible objectives.  


Mission was very..  eventful in many ways.  There was a lot happening there.  Including helicopters, troops and mobile armor, static minefiels, dynamic fascam minefield that landed right in front of us..., precice ICM  (took out 2 of our 4 leopards)    And tight dangerous gulley  with antitank ditches..  and huge enemy strong hold at the end.   

Commanders @Major duck and @Commissar_Martin did superb job following my messy orders.  They had superb gunners.. one of  @Figmo42 whom shot 2 hinds down from sky with one round. 


("elusive double hind" aar screenshot by @Commissar_Martin  )  


Eventually, even when darkness cave us the edge over enemy...  2 leopards wasn't just enough, and perhaps almost 2 hours in the mission was too much, and we lost one more leopard to enemy due to poor communication / missunderstanding causing that one bmp-2 was left behind.. that shot missile from behind.   And seconds later that bmp2 was last enemy alive...  so go figure.   Id like to call that mission success even when score said defeat.  



Lot to learn for me from this one.   Thank you all who participated.   And great thanks to my Crew, Ghost (Saber) who did great job covering my communication lacks, and making it easier for me to lead.  And for @JAG-11A for precice and deadly gunnery. 


There are definitely needs for drills and training, but we do quite well together already.  Perhaps In future I will include small mini drill before actual missions?  So that over the time we could get better at cooperation.  All this said, I am pretty happy to outcome, and especially to that people seemed to have good time.  Thank you all, together we can make these even better.  


~ Lumi






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2 hours ago, JAG-11A said:

Well, that is the first time I've ever been said to have precise gunnery!


I am pretty good at spotting the mines, though.  Second week in a row where I spotted the mines.


That was a fun mission!

Well you popped turrets and worked nicely with the driver and got good score too. 

That mine detection was life and mission saving last moments call just in time!


To think about it. Mines kind of feel novelty in missions. Usually those are less dangerous. xD in a way that those either don't exist or are more easy to spot.  Same with Helos. More than likely future missions will be slightly more easy in these regards. 

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