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Kanium Sunday 23rd of January "Operation Ragnarok - Phase I", by Nike-Ajax


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22 hours ago, Nike-Ajax said:

The numbers look good:

But we still have room in most of the platoons as well as a possible XO and FO (and there is much boomboom in this scenario)

@Higgs will we have the pleasure of your company ?

Yes you will. I'll take the reserved vehicle.


Sorry I couldn't tell any sooner.

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19 minutes ago, O.Schmidt said:

Thanks for the hint! Now the thing flies! But not good, I need more practice!

Remember...it's a micro UAV.


Limited distance. No thermals. No interface.


It's a primitive way of "looking into the next terrain feature"


Reference: https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/15366-micro-uav/?do=findComment&comment=220331

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58 minutes ago, ben said:

I should be able to attend, put me down as a maybe, anywhere as needed, preferably a single PC or Tank




Cool and welcome:

All info is in the first part of the first message in this thread - I suggest you join TS about 30 mins early so we can run you through how its set up and set you up with comms.

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