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Casual multicrew with Saber - Saturday 29th - 16:00 GMT


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It is time for another Casual multicrew. This saturday 29th at 16:00 GMT  



Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 


This time were going to do @Commissar_Martin Hannover mission with leopard 2A4s. It is a rather small and short mission.  I  would estimate it to last roughtly 45 minutes. SS_16_50_38.thumb.jpg.f0a4124082b4d5766338c5a327dc88a5.jpg



The Situation in in chaos; last night our battalion took the brunt of a huge Soviet push toward Hannover, after their first attack failed the Soviets launched a chemical weapons attack on our positions, right on the heads of their second echelon attack!

It is now dawn of the next morning. Fighting has subsided over the night as both sides withdrew to attempt to regoup their remaining units.

Luckily for us, it seems that strong winds have carried most of the chemical fallout further to the west, and the likliness of further casualties from it are low for the moment.


You command the remains of the Battalion recce tank platoon previously attached to Bravo company, consisting of 2x Luchs and 2  4x Leopard 2A4. (possibly subject to change)

The remains of Charlie company have regrouped in the forest to our East after successfully conducting a raid on an enemy artillery battery during the night, and now are attempting to withdraw to the west via highway crossroads 2-4.

You are instructed to advance and clear the crossroads of any enemy resistance, then secure it while Charlie company withdrawn through your position. the Charlie CO will let you know when you are clear to break contact and withdraw behind them.

Enemy strength in the area is unknown, but suspected to consist of surviving elements of the leading Motor Rifle Regiment we engaged last night, as well as the lead elements of their follow-on reserves. Once you have secured the crossroads, hold in place as best you can, but after Charlie company are clear you must break contact, and attempt to preseve as much of your force as you can.


Once you are happy that the crossroads is secure, call Charlie Company by activating Trigger 1, then cover the highway until they have withdrawn and you recieve radio confirmation to withdraw, mission will end once you successfuly extract your surviving units to the 'To Hannover' exit point.





If you're interested to come and see what contribution @Commissar_Martin has done and is making for us in future as this is 2nd part of his Hannover campaign,  

drop a shout below.  -   See you on battlefield! ~ Lumi

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Just heads up, I am planning to skip february 12th session.


Sadly I am not sure when I will organize next one perhaps in a month?  Also I will intend of creating just one topic for these in future. 


I would like to hear there to be interest for these missions, and what I could do better / different to be even more worthwhile of your time. 


Thank you for reading this  ~ Lumi

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