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M1117 Stryker


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The recon vehicle? Well, the ASLAV-PC in game is a pretty good approximation; both are based on the MOWAG Piranha LAV (ASLAV is LAV 2nd generation, Stryker is LAV 3rd generation- there are differences in automotive and protection features, but to minor to make a difference in SB Pro; the main difference in the Stryker is in commo and situational awareness, which are not really represented in SB Pro anyhow). Both the M1127 and ASLAV-PC are armed with a pintle-mounted .50 cal M2... they're more or less the same in SB Pro.

Now, if you want the M1126 Infantry carrier, you'll have to wait for eSim to model the remote weapon station (which they have partially modelled already).

Me, I'm more concerned about the differences in ATGM carried by dismounts (current SB default is Dragon, which is basically useless compared to the modern Javelin) than I am about any difference between the ASLAV-PC and the M1126/1127 Strykers.

...though modelling slat armor would be pretty nice.

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Even better... ok, then in 2.328 they were Dragon; I remember having a 1km range bubble and NO chance to hit any type of crossing target.

The dismount teams are nice for defensive missions, but all kinds of useless when you want to move them up into firing positions several kilometers forward of the LD, don't you think? And I have it on good authority (firsthand experience) that there is a Javelin CLU and (in a high-intensity conflict, at least) 2-3 missiles on each and every M1127. As to the M1126s, not sure what the distribution is, but I think it's also one launcher per vehicle. Maybe every other.

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Holy necro-



Captain Ed S was an instructor for the Maneuver Captains Career Course at Fort Benning who was using Steel Beasts to demonstrate Company-level tactics. We'll see if he answers the ping to tell us more.


It wasn't a school-wide program. I never got to use it, and has never been officially adapted by the US Army in any school, program of instruction, or simulations center.




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On 5/7/2021 at 2:50 AM, Apocalypse 31 said:

Captain Ed S was an instructor for the Maneuver Captains Career Course at Fort Benning


Isn't that what Mr @Mirzayev is currently doing over in the NTC?

Bombing around the desert in his company issue HMMWV aside  :)

I'm sure he'd prefer his Jeep, but I'm not sure his insurance will cover "M88 ARV malpractice"

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