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Posting a consolidated list of all of my uploaded scenarios. Will continue to update as I upload new content.


  1. Operation Talon StrikeA five-mission single player operation (LEO2A4, Pizzaro). 
  2. Operation Golden Eagle: A small SP/COOP scenario with British forces fighting in desert terrain. (Shotkal)
  3. Clearing Kandahar: A company from a US Stryker Brigade clears the Taliban from Kandahar. (Piranha V, Centauro)
  4. Clearing Kandahar: CANFOR: A Canadian forces adaption of the same mission (LAV III, Leo1A5)
  5. Operation Cold Call: A Heavy US Company/Team attacks to seize an enemy airfield in a European setting (M1A2, M2 ODS)
  6. Operation Dragon Hunter: A Belgian mixed combat team fights African rebels being supported by foreign combat advisors (LEO2A4, DF30, DF90)
  7. The Attack on OBJ Bear: A company from a US Stryker Brigade attacks elements of an enemy mechanized brigade in a European setting. (Piranha V, Centuro)
  8. Operation Charger: A 3-mission series where you take command of an armored Company/Team fighting against an enemy mechanized brigade in a European setting. (M1A2, DF30)
  9. Baghlan Blues: A Finnish combat-team clears insurgents from a village-stronghold. (T-72, BMP-2, Patria AMV)
  10. Predator Strike: A Danish Combat Team is called to seize a critical river crossing in a daring spoiling attack (LEO2A6, CV9030DK)
  11. A Time to Fight: A Swedish Combat Team leads an attack against a Mechanized Infantry Battalion to seize a river crossing (STRV-122, CV9040, AMV-360)
  12. Dragoon Blaze. A Stryker Reconnaissance Troop attacks a mechanized infantry company to support an attack on a logistics node (DF30, Centauro, M1A2)
  13. Clash At Amallah: A phased operation where the player must delicately dismantle enemy assets before launching an armored attack on an enemy held town (ASLAV, Centauro, M1A2, UAV)
  14. Opening The Gate: A German COY attacks to clear an enemy mechanized force from key terrain along Highway 65. (LEO2A4, MARDER 1A3)
  15. Guardian Angels: A British Tank Squadron attacks to seize the flanks to protect their parent brigade in the attack. (Challenger 2, Ulan)
  16. Plug the Gap: A CANFOR air reaction force holds the line until armored reinforcements arrive (LEO1A5, LAV, Infantry)
  17. Operation Pathfinder: UK forces attack to seize a road junction from an enemy MECH Company. (Challenger 2, Pizzaro)
  18. Ice Burn: A US Stryker Recon Troop takes on an enemy mechanized company in winter conditions (DF30, Centauro, M1A2)
  19. Day of Decision: An Atropian Tank Company holds the line against the Donovian onslaught!
  20. Operation Bronze Hammer: A US Armored Battalion lands a shore and expands the beachhead. Cooperative, Large. (M1A2, CV9030, Centauro, LAV)
  21. Operation Behemoth: A single player scenario where the player takes the role of a M1A2 tank platoon leader conducing a company operation. (M1A2)
  22. Welcome to the Jungle: A mixed Company attacks to seize a jungle clearing as part of a Division clearing operation. (M60A3TTS, M113, M113 RCL)
  23. Desert Strike Utilize a small combined arms team to defend against insurgent forces then counter-attack. (M1A2, NZLAV, AH64)
  24. Movement to Contact A small cooperative scenario where US forces conduct a movement to regain contact with an enemy force, then seize a river crossing (M1A2, M2)
  25. Stryker Ambush [REDUX] A remake of the original mission - now with 100% more Strykers. (Piranha V, Centauro)
  26. Counterattack At Al Miram US Forces defend against an insurgent attack and then counterattack into a defended village (M1A2, Eagle IV, NZLAV)
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Just a quick thanks for all the scenarios... I'm downloading and playing them all with no problem, all well done and thought out. My only minor complaint is some of the scenarios start positions, but I can work with that, just takes a while to get out of an area to get into the battle that already started. Thanks for your hard work.


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4 hours ago, Ssnake said:

As a minimum, I suppose we can all click that heart button in the lower right (as much as I generally loathe the mechanisms of "social networks" creeping into user forum software).

...and whoever has the time and interesst, dowload and play the scenarios...then leave a review so others know what to expect...

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35 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

Did you want me to start you Combat Mission style - ie - taking mass amounts of fire as soon as you press Start?


Not what I'm saying... it's just a couple missions for example when the insurgence is hitting the airport... the idiot AI trying to get out of that fenced in area is bumping into each other and causing a buildup and delay, then I usually get 1 or 2 vehicles out engaging on their own while back up is still trying to get out of the camp. lol

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On 2/7/2022 at 3:13 PM, Apocalypse 31 said:

I'm not sure what that means, but feedback ....received. 


Did you want me to start you Combat Mission style - ie - taking mass amounts of fire as soon as you press Start?

NO.  Not this.  I prefer to get my feet under me before taking fire.  I guess if the point is a "react to ambush" scenario, then OK.  Otherwise, keep on keeping on IMHO.

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