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BUG: Scenario Overwrite in ME [Missing Map Package] [FIXED]

Apocalypse 31

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I was working on a scenario (SCE A) in the mission editor


I was at a point where I saved SCE A and attempted to open another scenario (SCE B)


SCE B is missing a map package. Do I want to replace it? No thanks...lets just keep working on SCE A


I keep working on SCE A. Save it.....but then realize that I'm not actually working on SCE A, but I'm working on weirdly non-fully-loaded SCE B (which has OPFOR PW protected).


SCE A, but with the briefing, map theme, and password properties of SCE B


In summary-

It seems like the Mission Editor is loading the core of a scenario even when it doesn't load a map package. I feel like there should be some indicator that you're not actually manipulating what you think you are. Maybe the ME should load a new/blank scenario when it fails to load a map package?

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