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Kanium Sunday 6th of February "The T9 to Selkirk", by ChrisReb


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Kanium Sunday 6th of February "The T9 to Selkirk", by ChrisReb


Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 


World Clock 1900 GMT (Same time as always in Europe - adjusted for Daylight Savings Time: click the time below for your local time) 


World clock 1900 GMT



This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube or Twitch channel. 



I suggest to all who play with us download and install Chris mappack:




Untile further notice will be working with this mappack and the official one when making scenarios.


AS always, then we are running the session with the latest version of Steelbeasts.


Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance 😁








Penetrate enemy defensive positions and hold Selkirk Ridge against Counterattack

Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for...CG41 The T9 to Selkirk


0700 5 April 2020  Mist/Fog mostly clearing within 1 hour but will remain a little misty


The Marival Forest area is sparsley populated and largely flat. The valley of the Nula River is open but the Marival Forest covers most of the area up to the Selkirk Ridge. The main communcation route in the area is the T9 highway which flows East/NE until it meets the T8 North-South Highway


The Nula Bridge at the North of the Map is passable by PCs but not tanks. However you have bridging equipment and there are many place where a tank can ford the river.



    a) Enemy:

Enemy forces intend using Selkirk Ridge as a good defensive position and for a base to launch a future offensive across the Nula.


To this end he has already pushed Mechanised units out in front as far as the Nula to secure the area. His first echelon armour is approaching from the East with intent to assemble around Selkirk Ridge.


We are going to launch a spoiling attack into the area even thought our available forces are not strong. His main force is still a few hours away.


Observed Red forces West of Selkirk Ridge consist:


Light Recon
2 x Understrength Coy Mech Inf BRDM2 and BTR
1 x Reinforced Coy T90 (we understand they have no missiles available)
A few ATGM teams


These forces are spread over the region West of Selkirk Ridge. Whilst initially static they may redeploy depending on our axis of attacks.

Forces likely to be encountered in and around Selkirk Ridge:

3 x Coy T90 entering the area for pre offensive pause around Selkirk
Potentially a leading Coy of BMP2 but this is not certain


    b) Own:
1 x Coy Leo 2A6
1 x Coy CV90-40B  (Inf, LMG 1 x Spike usually in No3)
1 x Sec Biber
1 x UAV  (CARE: Potential AAA in enemy rear areas!)
1 x CSS


On getting 3 callsigns East of PL Typhoon the following will be released:
2 x PLT Leo 2A6
1 x PLT CV90 as above
1 x UAV


    c) Attachments and detachments:

Engineering as above

3 Batteries x 6 guns with HE/Smoke and 60 rounds ICM


Reduce enemy AFV West of PL Typhoon to less than 4
Reduce enemy AFV between PL Typhoon and PL Cyclone to less than 3




You are free to choose any DOA. Enemy may be in slightly greater numbers in the South as the Nula river is felt to give them protection in the North, although it is certainly bridgeable.


Your forces are limited at the outset and the Forest is fairly extensive so be aware of your flanks and the potential need to support each other.


You have a UAV for reconnaisance

Co has control of Indirect fires

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A66 Leopard 2A6: Grenny (Kanium,DE)


A1 Leopard 2A6

A11 JAG-11A (Kanium,US), Pancho (Kanium,US)

A12 Badger (Kanium,CAN)

A13 TC237 (?,US)

A14 Higgs (Kanium,CH) (TBD)


A2 Leopard 2A6

A21 Mirzayev (Kanium,US)

A22 Hedgehog (UKarmour,UK)

A23 Connaugh (Kanium,US)

A24 Major Duck (Kanium,DK), Irish Hussar (Kanium,UK)


A3 Leopard 2A6

A31 Nike-Ajax (Kanium,DK), Tankenator (Kanium,US)

A32 LigiT (?,NOR)

A33 Ben (?,?)

A34 Freyberg (Kanium,ITA), Yamas (?,?)


B1 CV90/40-B

B11 Snoggy (Kanium,CAN)

B12 SnS (Kanium,UK)

B13 Kingtiger (Kanium,SE)

B14 Wiglif (Kanium,US)


B2 CV90/40-B

B21 ChrisReb (Kanium,UK)

B22 Roerbaek (Kanium,DK)

B23 Fuchs_Leo1_TC (Kanium,BE)

B24 Duke (Kanium,DE)


ENGINEERS 1 x 3 Biber











Per orders



VI/AI - none needed


Where needed:


Cant make it:

Irish Hussar (Kanium,UK)

Cavgunner (Kanium,US)



Major Duck


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