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Kanium Sunday 13th of February "Cutting The Motti", by Nike-Ajax


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A few important updates:

1) Since we are full I am now activating A4: do we have 3 rooms for any one who wants a Tank.

2) Reasssing the situation, then your BDE CO have allocated more resources, so specifically the following:
    - 1 MLRS Battery (No Reloads)
    - 1 Support PLT Heavy AT (4 x TOW launcher unmounted)
    - 1 Mechanised INF PLT Patria (Piranha squint squint), with LEMUR OWS. Otherwise same setup as with the other units. 
    - 1 PLT TNKS (D1)


Sadly due to other commitments you have been reduced to Three (3) FASCAM.

3) You need a CO ...


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So we have the pleasure of a new Commander tonight.


Which seems a good time to calmly and with no drama, and not related to anyone or any specific situation, refresh the format of our AAR´s and games:

We play for fun and do the best we can to keep it entertaining. The only thing we really expect people to do is execute the orders of the CO.


You want to do it differently - no problem and happy days: then step up as CO.


Secondly and with regards to AAR's: To keep it friendly and constructive, then here is how we do it: You can point out improves with yourself, but only sustains with others. Unless that persons specifically asks for others input in that regard.


If you feel that you have something to communicate, then do so privately with that person.


Anyone can play with us if they can speak passable English. If there is some issue that means you for some reason do not want to play with another person, then no problem, but then abstain.

Leave the drama at the door.


Looking forward to play with you all tonight. 🥰

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