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Kanium Sunday 13th of February "Cutting The Motti", by Nike-Ajax


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It was awesome to watch your strategy and how you destroyed most of enemy headquarters. The thing what I expected more was action. This was my first time to watch your channel. Thanx for everyone who take part of this scenario. I got also good pieces of advices to my excercises how to practice gunnery. My experience about simtanks are only featuring tank games. This scenario showed to me live how to evaluate ranges and make quick decisions, how to retreat when it's necessary for adjusting attack. Delays were great. I think I would have decided to use Blitzkrieg strategy but AI is too clever for that, not stupid. 

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1 hour ago, bloodycut said:

Sentence from Unknown Soldier: Wise men say the enemy is not a human. 


It's good thing to hear enemy units have brains!




It was actually one of the most difficult scenarios I have done OPFOR for ... ever.


And also: BLUEFOR actually DID use "Blitzkrieg" or Bewegungskrieg .... or maneouver warfare.

But because BLUEFOR was no fools and they communicated well and was led led by a stellar and impressive CMD element, so @Figmo42@Apocalypse 31 and @Swordsmandk, then they reacted well as they should. Had they just pressed on then I would have decimated them.

As it were they turned the tables on an enemy that had the doctrinally correct advantage of 3:1 plus supports, and defeated them first in detail, and then in their totality.

This is how its done... if its done well and luck is on the side of the aggressors  - so BLUEFOR because they took over the initiative and kept it with momentum and aggression. But tempered just enough so that they had combat power at the end.

So even though 24 BLUEFOR callsigns were destroyed, then they achieved and surpassed all tactical goals. But in this terrain and with the numbers arrayed against them, then victory does not come cheap. 


I brought my A game. But was defeated and was left zero options. I was so stressed and pressed that I did not even use much of my considerable artillery assets, because I simply did not have time or opportunity. Just like BLUEFOR CO intended.

The grades for BLUEFOR this Sunday is A+ .... And doubly so for @Figmo42 because it was his first big scale MP scenario as CO, in a difficult terrain, OPFOR matrix and with a lot of moving parts.


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