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Kanium Sunday 20th of February "OPS Wietze 1987", by SwordsmanDK


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3 hours ago, BoomsBangsandCans said:

Put me in coach


Hmmm for the dumdum´s at the back of the short bus (so me...):

Would coach for you constitute a Tank or IFV ... ?


Ahem ... I choose to interpret it so you want MECHINF 😁


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14 hours ago, Sioctan said:

If there is still space, chuck me in a leopard please.


Geen probleem 😁


12 hours ago, bloodycut said:

I wish you good hunting and success to mission. It's a challenge for everyone. Have exciting moments 👍







OR ... join us and have fun ?

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19 minutes ago, JAG-11A said:

Unfortunately, Household 6 tells me that I have an errand to run this afternoon.  I will be back to computer about 30 minutes after the start time (so approximately 14:30 eastern US).  So, PLT LDR is probably not the best role for me today.  Apologies.




Not a problem: you would need more than a good JAG to win a case against Household 6 ... 😬

We are here when you are released for duty, and will substitute until then 😁👌

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1 hour ago, Grenny said:

Hmm basicly, we took 2 BN of the enemy ...

Lost 9 AFV in exchange.

Well, not excatly what you plant to do in a delay...but the ranges where so short, it turned into short messy fights, and several times we couldn't get out quickly enough...


Which was part of my plan - maybe the only part that kinda-sorta worked .... 😁

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