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beta and windows vista


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Ok here is the deal i tried all the old and new nvidea drivers i could get my hands on. The old drivers made sbp freeze even faster then the new ones. Did a complete new reinstall of sbp no joy. Im starting to become desperate here. Though not of the nature of freezing instantly my other games freeze as wel after a random time but still are somewhat playable. But i think there must be a conecction here but i just cant figure out what i can be.

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tried again with reinstalling directx9.0c and lowering the terrain viewing distance and stuff under 50 percent. No joy.

One thing i did notice though is that when i go to tankrange where you cant go to exterieur view the game doesnt seem to freeze right away. Ill try to find out if i can play long sessions in the tank range and see what happens

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You said that other games freeze up as well, but not as often? Have you defragged your hard drive? do you have otehr stuff running in the background like virus scanners, or IM progs, or any other kinds of non essential stuff? If not, I think you should eitehr take it to a computer tech, have them diag your system, or just try upgradding your RAM. RAM is cheap, and easy to replace. Plus you can always use more RAM.

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Ref. most all your games freezing up at some time during play. Has it occured that you should check the Tempature of your system while your running the games? Over heating the cpu or cooking the Ram up will cause a freeze but normally a system freezing on a regular basis may be caused by not having enough availiable power. Check your case power supply to find out if it's large enough to handle all the components that your running. Unless you've upgraded the power supply, most case systems are sold with only enough power to run 1 hard drive ,one dvd or cd drive, one mid to low end vid card, the min. Ram installed, etc. etc.

The new vid cards now require a lot more power (100watts or more) than just last years cards, the motherboards are running 140 watts for most of their stuff, the Ram wants 15watts per stick, the hard drives and disk players can use 60 to 80 watts, sound cards gobble up another 75watts, and we are not even looking at how many fans your running.

Long story ..short .... you may need a 600 watt PS just to stay under the required feed.

If you have a program that will watch the systems heat while your testing the different programs you should. Also find a list of component power consumption rates and run it down your system to see if your on the border during normal use and under while at peak use.

Just some suggestions, as I also had some general system freezing problems a few years ago and isolated it to a weak or nearly bad power supply.

Use what you need ..... later


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Well, that wasn't exactly my question. Is it crashing whenever you enter ANY 3D view, or JUST the external view, or whenever you start a mission, or while loading it? Does the mission editor crash as well? The map editor? Does it crash in windowed mode, and/or in fullscreen mode?

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Ok tried scenario are they attacking. 3-d interieur seems to work fine. But as soon a i look out the vision blocks Bam lock up. It crashes both in windowed more and full screen. It only locks up when starting the mission never while loading it and never in the menu. Ill give the map editor a try.

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from hear-say i am told that my power source is B-brand and to weak. I have a PX1035

350 Watt power source. The rest is what my system looks like as atvertised.

Type Procase Zirco AX

Uitvoering Midi Tower

5,25 inch, extern 5 bay(s)

3,5 inch, extern 1 bay(s)

3,5 inch, intern 3 bay(s)

Formaat (BxHxD) 200 x 465 x 485 mm

PX1035 350 Watt

AMD AMD Phenom X4 9650 (2,3 GHz, AM2+)

4x 2300 MHz

Level 2 Cache 4x 512 KB

3600 MT/s

Socket AM2+

ATX Mainboards

Aansluiting PWM stekker (4-polig)

4096 MB DDR2

4 096 MB

modules 2


Standaard DDR2-800

Grafische chip NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Interface PCIe x16

Geheugen 512 MB




: 2x USB, FireWire, 2x audio. Achter: VGA, DVI-I, HDMI, 2x PS/2, 4x USB, RJ-45, 6x jack, 1x COM-poort

Netwerk Gigabit-LAN



640 GB bruikbaar, SATA / 7200rpm / 16MB / 8,9ms

Cardreader Jes

eatures System Fan S120

Besturingssysteem Windows Vista Home Premium (OEM)

Software Roxio Creator 9 suite, Recovery Software PC Angel

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I did a complete reinstall and installed xp and vista. But still i have the same problem with every single game both in xp and vista. This starts to get freakin anoyying. How am i gonna get some practise for when i go to itec?

Take the machine to a PC repair specialist (or get support from your manufacturer if still under warranty) - As Sean suggested in one of the early replies.

He has the equipment and spares to test each component for failure, eliminating a lot of wasted time and money replacing functioning parts. He can also eliminate poor build/airflow, ensure sufficient cooling and power supply, and ensure the correct drivers are being loaded.

If the quote is phenomenally expensive, you might be better off replacing the system unit en-bloc.

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