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something wrong with my 4.268


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When I edited the terrain in 4.268, I can't save the map, it shows:


I had to use 4.167 to edit and save.In the process of testing the scene, it was normal at first, but after starting it several times, it became like this in the video:

This is not the first time this happened, in a previous scene this happened even though I didn't change the terrain.How to solve this problem? 


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As mentioned in other posts, once that the visibility limit exceeds 14,000m, certain render anomalies will occur. In this case, a quirk in the render engine that obstructs an ever growing part of the scene being rendered in four directions so that when looking in a specific direction much of the landscape disappears. It's a small angle at 14,000m, but pretty large at 18,000m, so we don't advise going beyond 14km.

I no longer remember the specific reason for it. "It's always been like that" was one statement from the programmers - and (since that doesn't excuse anything), "No, it's not easy to fix this, I tried." the other. I then made the decision to not pursue this topic because we have bigger fish to fry, and I expect that no such anomalies will occur with version five.

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